Armenian Mass Spectrometry

About ArMS2

The Armenian Mass Spectrometry Society (ArMS_squared or ArMS2) is a vibrant and dynamic organization that has recently emerged with a clear mission: to advance the knowledge, foster networking opportunities, drive research development, and facilitate international collaboration in the fields of mass spectrometry and its related disciplines.

ArMS2is committed to promoting a deeper understanding of mass spectrometry within Armenia while also forging connections and collaborations with the global scientific community. By organizing informative events, facilitating knowledge exchange, and providing valuable resources, ArMS2 strives to contribute to the growth and development of mass spectrometry research and applications, both locally and internationally.

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We offer membership to anyone involved in or interested in mass spectrometry. Membership supports the development of mass spec in Armenia and gives access to ARMS2 meetings, programs and more.

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Yerevan, Armenia

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